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HydroCord Handle for 32oz Wide Mouth Bottles

HydroCord Handle for 32oz Wide Mouth Bottles

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Colour: Black

Providing a secure and convenient way to carry your Nalgene bottle, this handle is made with 550 military grade parachute cord. 


  • Constructed with high quality, military grade paracord for Nalgene 32oz wide mouth water bottles. America's #1 in paracord water bottle handles. Available in 3 colours.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty. If your handle breaks or you have to unravel it in an emergency situation, simply contact and a free replacement will be sent to you.
  • Durable construction and designed for comfort. At school, at work, or in the outdoors, our water bottle handle strap helps you carry more while dropping less
  • Easy to remove and clean after rugged use, this paracord water bottle handle will become an essential piece of your backpacking gear, hiking gear and camping accessories. Having your water bottle with you is the key to hydration
  • HydroCord, a military grade, high performance paracord handle for water bottles, doubles as a handy survival strap. If you have to unravel the cord in an emergency situation to tie knots, throw a line, etc. we will replace your handle for free.

Made by Gearproz USA

Note: Plastic ring and carabiner seen in some pictures not included.

Bonus: If you find yourself in an emergency situation and have to unravel your HydroCord, send a picture and a brief story to and we will send you a brand new HydroCord for free!

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