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12oz Grip-N-Gulp - Blue Seahorse

12oz Grip-N-Gulp - Blue Seahorse

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This spill-proof sippy cup is made to withstand every adventure. A rubberized lid and smooth mouthpiece ensure comfortable and safe sipping, and bottle comes with a protective cover. Tested by toddlers, beloved by parents.

Did you know all wide mouth lids are interchangeable? That’s right, the Nalgene bottle grows with you, allowing you to switch a Grip-n-Gulp lid for an OTF lock-top or Wide Mouth loop top whenever your child is ready.


Please Note:

Nalgene caps are not dishwasher safe. When putting your bottle in the dishwasher, make sure to remove the lid and hand-wash only.


Bottle Volume


Lid Type

Sippy Cup


Tritan Renew

Cap Material

PP, Silicone, Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE)


2.75 inches (70mm)

Cap Diameter

2.5 inches (63mm)


3.375 oz (95.75g)


7.25 in (cm)

Country of Origin